February 22, 2009

Establish Daily Routines

While reading an article about Robert Caro's work habits in Newsweek Magazine, I got to thinking about my own personal work habits. I've never been one to establish daily routines. I have a fear that they lead to ruts and boredom. So I work to keep things fresh and creative, but you can't argue with success. One of the lessons from reading Snowball, is that Warren Buffet certainly has routines he follows. Many top performers do. Daily Routines is a fascinating blog that shares how "How writers, artists, and other interesting people organize their days."

Routines eliminate the spinning wheels of debate and over thinking. There's no decision, just action. Leo Babauta makes a strong case for daily and weekly routines at Zen Habits, one of Time Magazine's top 25 blogs for 2009. In areas that I have set routines, I feel like I gain time and reduce stress. My wife and I have used routines for bedtimes with our kids for years. The interaction with my children certainly prevents any boredom with those routines.

Perhaps it's time to examine and establish some work day routines. For me, the best place to start is to look at what spinning wheels I want to eliminate. What decisions can I make now, so that I don't have to make them again every day or week. I'll keep you posted. Share your favorite and most effective routines by leaving me a comment.


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  2. Todd -

    The idea of routines relative to creativity is an interesting one. For me, I try to get things that don't really matter to me removed from requiring any creative thought in order to free up time & energy for richer areas. Granted, things may move between categories temporarily or for extended periods of time, but I'd rather put my creativity toward something cool rather than changing which hand I use to brush my teeth to try and instigate creativity.